Five days ago, I sent the following email to about 40 friends.


Hi friends!

Tuesday March 26th I’m going to host 6 of you.

Here’s how it works:

Each of you bring a topic to chat on. 

Throughout the evening we will cover each of our topics.

No pressure on your topic – it can be anything you’re be interested in discussing, hearing other viewpoints on or a question to pose to the group.

The rules: during this dinner we will not be discussing kids, partners or work.

It’s a great night of head & heart conversation.


Arrival time 6:15.

Dinner is 6:45.

There will be wine.



Reply if you’re interested.

I’ll email back when I have a total of 7 of us, with address & directions to my place.


Last time I hosted one of these, not 1 person knew each other. It was AMAZING conversation. With amazing women.  

Time for me to do more stuff like this. And you’re my kick off xo


Within 2 hours, I had over 20+ “I’m IN!” responses. FUN!

The first 7 that RSVP’d got to participate and the dinner was last night.


I believe the invite gave parameters to my guests (a group of women that didn’t all know each other, and two that only knew me) that created a safe space, called us all forth to share deeper conversations and to be ready to explore.


It was a great night of speaking from the heart, sharing perspectives from our own lens, opinions from our own experiences and learning from each other.


Over to you:

What parameters can you add to your day to day communications (hint hint, read invite above) to shift the ‘functional conversations’ we can get caught up in at work and in relationships?


What parameters will you hold yourself to, to bring depth to conversations?


I dare you to skip the routine, the mundane, the functioning.

Explore new topics, ask some connecting questions, and get to really know the person in front of you.


Tonight was a gift with these 6 women. :0)

There is more of this to come for me.

We’re only living this life of ours once – let’s go for it! xo