I had the opportunity to see Dr. Nick Bontis speak earlier this year at the HRPA annual conference. Mr. Energy acknowledged that people often speak about the scarcity of time yet he suggested that it’s actually a scarcity of our attention, and not time, that we’re up against.

Think about it – what’s the last thing you touch before you go to bed…
Scary, yes?!

Nick shared with us that the average Canadian worker gets 84 emails a day and that this number is expected to grow to 200/day in the next three years. However…only 8 emails sent/received directly impact bottom line results. Ouch.

And while I’m at it – Nick shared some mind workout resources that you may find useful. http://nickbontis.com/#resources-for-you

Me – I like how the words attention & intention fit. Stay here for a minute and consider how to make them fit for you.

Nick’s insight as well as some of my own thoughts, has me challenging myself to better optimize my attention. Here are a couple things I’m currently dabbling in:
• Using my out of office alert to hold myself to my word (and to use my time differently). I’ve just started using it again because if a message, created by me, is sent to someone saying “I won’t be in touch for 24 hours due to ______” and then they hear from me, what message am I sending to that client about myself?
• Weekends I am checking my iPhone mid day & end of evening only.
• I’ve started meditation in a different way then I have attempted in past through www.headspace.com. I will blog on this soon – best I’ve ever done with meditation. Ever.
• I created a non-fictional book club to help move me through the dusty books on my nightstand. I’ve read 4 Non-fiction books in 9 weeks. A definite improvement for me.
• Energy blocking. I’m better utilizing my high and low energy pockets for specifics tasks to get stuff done.
• Faster resource reach out. When working on __something__ (insert project, new content, template here) I first create a short list of needs for the task. In a second column a rate what I have to support the needs. This assessment makes it clearer earlier on in the ___something__ where I can utilize support which causes me to reach to others faster which helps both with efficiency and effectiveness.
• My BE List. Some people create a to –do list. I have a to-BE list. An idea inspired by Marshall Goldsmith on what’s important to me to do for myself everyday to keep me connected mind/body/spirit wise. Yes, it’s taken some work to keep to it yet it’s coming long and lol I’m coming along!
• I’m focusing more on Who I am BEing versus what I need to do. You’ve heard me speak about doing versus BEing moments before. Adding the Who in front of it has been a good shift for me.

Your turn – How will you better optimize your attention?

We all have 24 hours in a day. Be done with “there’s not enough time” and consider your choices is my vote. What’s yours?