Hi :0)


I’ve been making notes this past week, of specific things I have seen or read that felt useful to me, that I was going to pass along to you in this blog as we all weather the COVID-19 situation.

Most likely, you’re getting enough screen time yourself to have located the best sources for your factual news, resources for kids’ scholastic development, laughs for relief and pep talks if/when you feel necessary.

So, instead I’m taking a different route for this blog.




I cleaned behind my fridge AND stove yesterday.  I also took the vacuum to my dryer lint cavity.  I’ve lived here 10 and a half years and this has never been done.

Monday, I thoroughly cleaned our kitchen leather chairs.  They were purchased 17 years ago.  This was their first scrub down.

I’m good at getting things done.


I’m aware of learning through this process; learning through this situation that we’re all in.

There’s a common saying about “peeling back (the layers of) the onion”.

The peeling, is what I feel continues to happen to me, as isolation time progresses.


Every morning I take a couple minutes to both meditate and journal.

Through the meditate and journaling combo, I’m realizing that I’m getting caught in the “DO-ing” right now.

The deep freezer inventory list, moving my paper address book to my phone contacts and washing the floor mats in my car would be (more) proof of this….


Many (MANY) people say “I don’t have time”, “I wish I had more time”, ‘If only I had enough time”, often.

The time is now.

The time to reconnect with yourself.

The time to just hang out and do silly stuff with your kids.

The time to just sit.

The time to breathe.

The time to connect.

The time to ________.


Today, I will breath more. A timer every hour will ding to remind me to do this. To stop, breathe and reconnect.

Today, I will better practise using this time for BE-ing versus DO-ing or getting done.

Today, I will challenge myself on what is important to do versus “something to do”.

And today I will be kind to myself because this is going to be a change.  This is part of what I’ve put in place to help myself cope with what is going on.


As a society, we have A LOT to learn right now.

We have been doing terrible things to our environment, each other, and ourselves.  The 90+ minute commute each way to work, the 50+ hour work weeks, the missing family & friend time, skipping fresh air, shovelling food into us versus sitting for a meal, transactions instead of interactions with human beings, etc.

What’s here for you right now to realise, to shift, to reshape for yourself? How are you making the time + commitment, to make it happen? And what does self kindness look like through the process?

For me, I have some more layers to peel off to find this out– and I’m going in the right direction.

To what is on the other side of this situation and doing what we can through the process.
Love to each of you xo