I’m a believer in “love language”.  Through the dating process I have been asked on occasion if I know what my Love Language is.  I think it’s terrific that more people are becoming aware of what they need & how they need it to make their relationships partnerships and build solid connection. If you’ve not heard of The Five Love Languages before, I’ve provided the website link so you can do their free on-line quiz to learn more about yours, and what insights are there for both yourself and your (potential) partner.


Why I’m bringing up love language today.

Yesterday I received a blog from The Five Love Languages site acknowledging that “you can’t have a relationship – let alone an intimate marriage – without communication, for one simple reason: only you know you.”  Bingo – Bango – Bongo!


To be able to have the connection in any “-ship”; friendship, relationship, business-ship, partnership, you need to first connect to your own self. What are your needs, thoughts, goals, feelings and fears?  We, the people around you, can’t guess what these are. We can try, yet only you know. Are you spending enough time with your inner self to connect with this for you?  And if not, what’s your excuse?  Better question, what do you lose in your life every day, by not making this time for you?


Once we are connected within, it’s about having the people around us who have the skills to listen (and if they’ve been working with me, Level 2 listen), hold space, be empathetic, confirm what they’ve heard, acknowledge you, and of course you reciprocating this back to them.


How are you making time in your life to connect, really connect, with people daily?


The 75 year Harvard study shares that the #1 secret of living a life of happiness is relationships through connection.  I’m doing my darndest to make this happen in my life.  What will you do to make this happen for you?