Thursday May 30th.  The first game of the NBA finals, Toronto Raptors versus Golden State, on home turf.  I was downtown Toronto for the energizing evening and amazing team win.  I also came home without my iPhone…


Yes, everything was backed up with iCloud

No, my phone was not found.

No lol, the what was I doing Thursday night that caused the phone to be lost is not needed for this blog to be useful for you. ;0)


While at Apple, purchasing a new phone the next day, the Apple Support person must have said four times.  “I can’t believe how well you are handling this!  You should see other customers.  I’ve never seen anyone be as calm as you are about this.”


Any of you reading this, know my energy level.  I don’t hear a lot about “calm”. Passionate, energetic, enthusiastic, yes.  Calm, well, it’s lower on my list. ;0)


I explained to Chris, my Apple Support Star, that in my opinion;

There are very few things we can control in life. 

One thing we can control is our (emotional) reaction to a situation (or person).


Did I want to reschedule work projects Friday morning to make time for an Apple store visit? No.

Was I keen to spend the money on a replacement phone? No.

Am I jumping at learning how to use the latest version of iPhone? Ha – No.


Considering the situation, how would reacting serve me?

Not going to get my phone back.

Won’t improve my service from Apple.

Could impact the rest of my day negatively.


I’m sharing this story with you because I surprised me too.

In a good way.


What did I do to stay on this side of reacting? In reflection,

-I practise breathing most days. Yes, we all breath. Daily taking a 4 count (slower) breath in and out through your nose.  Be with your breath. Reset.

-I asked myself how I was feeling about the situation. I labelled the feeling versus pushed them away.

-I asked myself, what the best way to handle the situation would be, and did it.


Practising these skills everyday with the little stuff, makes the skill handy and ready for the bigger stuff days.

That’s something I can control :0).

Over to you to consider xo


Game three tonight – GO RAPTORS! YaHOOOO!