As organizations continue to expand their employee work options, adjust their available office space and reconsider required versus elective overhead costs – we continue to see more people work from home.  For managers coming from a more traditional workplace experience, there is lots to learn about leading remotely, developing connections and how to create a culture through less traditional methods.

I have led multiple National work teams in my career, with results that make me grin. The last 13 years I’ve successfully worked from home (WFH).
I have been coaching leaders to be better coaches and employees to be communicators, in some capacity, my whole career. I love it and am good at it. I role model what work-life blend can be. I can help your team.

My virtual work includes:

Virtual Culture &
Team Development

Key to virtual success is the connection of team.
Learn how to create real culture, support team dynamics and alignment with outcomes to common goals.

Virtual Meetings

Transitioning face-to-face meeting to screen effectiveness can be tricky.  Learn how to reshape your agenda for efficiency and timing, keep attendees engaged + interactive, focus on objectives & results versus tasks.

Virtual Presence

New to online communication? Develop key skills in set up, presentation and attendee interaction.

Virtual Leadership

Covering 40 competencies, a needs assessment is completed to direct the creation of a customized program (series of virtual facilitation, coaching, activities and videos) for your organization to improve their engagement level and increase their virtual productivity while feeling more connected to their role and the company.

Video Training

Four-minute video series available on various performance skills, that can be used for meeting skill drills, motivation or exercise roll-outs.


Customized training developing leaders to be effective coaches, remotely.

Virtual Tips

Angles, make
them your best friend

When to book a virtual meeting

Virtual Meeting
Tip Videos

Virtual Meeting Tip
Use of Time

Virtual Meeting Tip
Walking meetings

Improving Your Virtual Check-ins

Quick Hit SAMPLE
Skill Shift Videos

Four Ways to
Shift Fear

Risk Taking,
Revise your Approach

Control is your Super Power

What my clients have to say

” Nancy is on Earth to do what she does! Articulate empathetic wisdom that helps change behavior for the better! “

Leanne Hickman

Parent Counsel Advisor

“Thank you for the wonderful session! It was both relevant and meaningful. Your genuine understanding of the issues were apparent and the anecdotes you shared were moving and relatable. The parents in attendance were very happy. You have a great way of making participants feel comfortable and engaged – like we were in your living room having a heartfelt and productive chat. Thanks again!!”

Lisa DeFrancesco

Former School Principal

“I participated in the zoom session last night and wanted to tell you what a great job you did. So many take aways and some very teary eyed moments as I listened to you speak with so much passion about some really important things that we all need to turn our minds to. Thank you for all the great advice and for being so authentic.”

Tricia Leone

Nick Gralewicz

“Nancy has the impressive ability to develop a connection, elicit meaningful goals, and coach you through achieving results, all while being completely virtual. I always appreciate her energy and push for authenticity. Who knew that my most anticipated and important conversations would be with someone I’ve never met face to face?”

Nick Gralewicz

GIS Software Development