Companies who have found success with Nancy

Momma Bear
Fitness Enthusiast

I’m a

Facilitator and Leadership Coach

, working with all levels of leaders in individual and team settings to help you understand yourself more deeply and create transformational impact in your personal and professional life. Facilitating a non-judgmental space of profound trust, I challenge you to deepen self-awareness, build on your strengths, and explore areas for growth. I believe that when we choose to live fully, with purpose and honor in our values, we will realize our full potential and create meaningful results.

I’ve spent 25+ years elevating the potential of people and their organizations as a heart-driven human being that is a solid leader, communicator, facilitator, and coach.

Who am I?

I’m not afraid to challenge beliefs and habits, while reinforcing life values and best practices. I believe it’s easy for people to connect with me and absorb the skills being taught through my approach, passion and the way I own my skill set and strengths. I’m bold and brave, yet empathetic and vulnerable.

I’m an Activator. I challenge people to take action. I get to the bottom line quickly, looking to find the opportunity and create immediate action for improvement. I create people accountability in areas that employees aren’t typically focused on or aware of, which can be a gap in business and results.

Nominated Fall 2020 for Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100

Awarded the Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship (2022)

What I Do

  • Give leaders the tools and develop the confidence to get more out of their people
  • Improve productivity through better employee morale
  • Improve teamwork, flow, and efficiency
  • Reduce non-value added ‘HR issue’ time with constructive coaching time
  • Step change total performance
  • Get the right people in the right roles – and quickly
  • Retain and challenge top talent
  • Address or exit poor performers
  • Enhance fundamental communication skills for better individual and group communication effectiveness, connection  and efficiencies

With a focus on results, I help you and
your organization see results.


Courageously embrace the possibilities that come with building great relationships through growing their leader’s emotional intelligence.


Stop settling and break free from the obstacles holding you back.


Put strategy into action, measure success, integrate feedback.


What’s most important to you and your organization – setting vision and action plans to move forward.


Engage your team so they’re ready for change.

What my clients have to say

David Brockie

“We had the opportunity to work with Nancy Milton through our Manufacturer on the Ford Guest Experience movement.  Her knowledge coupled with her passion and enthusiasm made learning a fun and easy.  We, as a leadership team, enjoyed her infectious attitude so much we brought her back for additional insight and training sessions with various teams throughout our store.  Often in today’s environment you deal with a presenter whose knowledge is based on their powerpoint slides. Nancy is the opposite, her slides come from her knowledge and wisdom after many years of  becoming an expert in her field.”

David Brockie

Operations Leader
Steve Marshall Ford Lincoln Ltd.

Ena Kenny

“Nancy is an incredibly engaging facilitator and leadership coach. She absolutely inspired me in the time I spent with her, participating in a corporate leadership program. She brought the program to life by sharing her own personal experiences and truly connecting with every participant. Nancy is especially skilled at drawing in those who struggle with the course material and concepts. She handled a demanding schedule and course material with grace, humour and great attention to pace and timing. I can’t imagine anyone facilitating the program with as much passion, warmth and skill as Nancy!”

Ena Kenny

Principal Health Sector — Interior Design Lead

Brian Morgan

“Nancy’s infectious energy and passion light up the room, motivating every team member! Her fun, interactive approach gets everyone involved and working together towards common goals. Highly recommend her services!”

Brian Morgan

AIM/R Chair of the Board of Directors and Principal
The Morgan Group

Sarah Milligan

“I had the pleasure of being coached by Nancy as part of a coaching program offered by my employer. At the time my focus was on maintaining high performance by finding balance and prioritizing self care. Nancy was amazing at helping me come up with tangible steps I could take and holding me accountable. This, coupled with her contagious energy and the way she also leads by example in this area translated to a high impact experience for me. Thank you Nancy!”

Sarah Milligan

Senior Business Program Manager

Lila Wilson

“Nancy’s piercing clarity, honesty and insight put me back on the right path. With her coaching, I was able to break down walls I didn’t realize I built around my own potential. Thank you for listening deeply, caring compassionately and helping me find what I needed to keep growing!”

Lila Wilson

Partner Development Manager

Michelle Bailey

“I have had the privilege and the pleasure of working with Nancy Milton the last 5 years in both her capacity as a coach, facilitator, and mentor. In that time, I have witnessed a very competent and capable leader help other leaders reach their full potential through a combination of coaching, learning, encouragement and perseverance. Nancy helps people identify their core competencies and strengths and with open and constructive feedback, encourage individuals to be better and reach goals that they sometimes felt were out of reach.

My respect for Nancy is so much so, that she is 1 of 2 coaches that I feel 100% comfortable to represent both my business interests and facilitation with a very diverse corporate client list.

I wholeheartedly endorse Nancy Milton.”

Michelle Bailey

President & CEO
Blazing Creative Agency

Jay Brown

“Nancy has an understanding of the human psyche and an emotional intelligence developed far beyond anyone else I have ever met. She easily identifies the roadblock to someone’s pathway to a goal, be it career, personal or otherwise. In her role as Facilitator and Leadership Coach at Nancy Milton Inc., she employs these attributes to great effect with her clients, and as a result Nancy’s company has experienced solid growth over its lifetime in the best possible way, through referrals and word of mouth. Clients have spoken so positively of Nancy’s keynotes and personal coaching one-on-ones, she has had a constant stream of new business, from corporations and executives throughout North America.”

Jay Brown

Managing Director
Flying Fish International Group

Julie Barker-Merz

“Nancy has built a practice that balances one on one coaching, with Corporate team facilitation and speaking engagements that span North America, and showcases her talents on stages in front of hundreds of Corporate leaders. She has earned the reputation of being a fearless, committed and compassionate leader of leaders, who drives performance and delivers results. Her repeat engagements, and long term corporate client base is a testament to her ability to deliver.”

Julie Barker-Merz

Regional President, Greater Toronto Region
BMO Bank of Montreal

Trevor Grant

Nancy’s expertise in coaching, facilitation, and communication have served to increase collaboration with our commercial team and step changed our business results. Her ability to pinpoint root cause, find solutions, and drive change has transformed how we operate within sales and marketing. We have increased team member job satisfaction and engagement while improving productivity. This has resulted in shorter lead times taking key commercial initiatives market, improved sales revenue, and market share performance.”

“Nancy has had an immediate and lasting impact on our organization over the last 5 years. She was able to quickly listen, learn, and impact Moosehead’s culture and productivity. She has a clear vision of what a successful team should be and consistently brings out the best in her clients.

Trevor Grant

Vice President of Marketing and Sales
Moosehead Breweries

Joseph Mbuyi

“I have worked with Nancy for the last two years and she has helped me make considerable adjustments in my learning and thinking about leadership at this stage of my career. Notwithstanding her insight into tools and techniques we practice to make progress, Nancy has trully been an invaluable partner in my personal development and she holds me accountable to my developed skills and my consistent coaching and check-ins with my team. I could not be more grateful or fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Nancy.”

Joseph Mbuyi B.Eng, MBA, C.Dir

Vice President Qualitrol, General Manager
Expert & Field Services

Peter Bovolaneas

“The value of Nancy’s structure in presenting “communication” is priceless. Her mixture of data with relatable experiences definitely “hits the mark” with impact and respect.”

Peter Bovolaneas

Business Development Manager
Jack Daniels

Nancy Dewar

“Over the last few years I have engaged Nancy to work on several coaching projects. I chose Nancy to work with my most senior clients as she has the ability to wow each person she touches. Her passion and energy and her open and transparent style has helped many clients as they have navigated to their next steps. I always felt confident to put Nancy forward as part of my team as she delivers with excellence, is insightful to the issues and a joy to work with. Nancy exemplifies what clients are calling forth from their high potential leaders.”

Nancy Dewar M.Ed, PCC

Global Content Design Director/ Director of Coaching Programs
Bond Brand Loyalty

Julia Munro

“Her passion, energy, and expertise in communication is something unlike I have ever seen before. She really helps others become the best version of themselves and who doesn’t want that?”

Julia Munro

Brand Manager
Jack Daniels at Brown-Forman

Tammy Hynes

“Nancy is an invaluable resource for leaders! Her curious nature and questioning skills really helped me develop confidence in my early days as a leader in handling difficult conversations and situations with my team.”

Tammy Hynes

Head of Insurance Sales, Western Region

Mike Pownall

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nancy for the past year and it has been one of the best things I have ever done for me personally and for my business. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Mike Pownall

Oculus Insights

My desire is for you, and everyone in your organization, to shift your limiting beliefs and burst barriers that lead to personal and professional growth. Whether as an individual, a team, or an organization, I want you to clearly know your goals, your possibilities, what it takes to get there, and to enjoy the journey and the transformational results.

Connecting people to who they are and what they can be is what I love doing most. I am driven, passionate about what I do, and enjoy helping people explore their possibilities and bring out their best. Through facilitation and one on one leadership coaching, I bring real results to individuals and organizations, one connection at a time.