I teach INTENTIONAL COMMUNICATION and this helps leaders be better coaches and employees be better communicators.

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Inspire your employees to be better leaders and change-makers with my highly interactive presentation on the power of business communication skills.

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This isn’t your typical communication training for managers. Let's arm your leaders and team members with game-changing speaking skills to boost results.

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I can help you achieve your goals whether you’re craving a new career, sharper leadership skills or a blueprint for achieving your dreams.

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The Happy Place book cover

If you’re looking for personal or professional growth, this is your workbook.

I wrote The Happy Place to offer people a blueprint for living a life connected to their true values. Through exploring real-life stories and experiences, fuelled by powerful coaching principles and effective exercises, you’ll embark on a journey of re-engaging with what’s important to you. Don’t be surprised if you have a few enlightening moments as you awaken your self-awareness and get back in touch what matters to you. My heartfelt, around-the-table writing style creates a safe and inspiring place for readers who are ready for change.

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Weight Loss G Spot book cover

Laugh, learn and lose with this intimate and interactive weight-loss program that really works

A friend asked if I’d co-write a book with her: she brought her nutrition expertise, I brought the coaching, and we had a little fun. What woman doesn’t want to know how to lose weight AND have better sex?! Your Weight Loss G-Spot isn’t a diet book. It doesn’t tell you what to do. Instead, we guide readers on an interactive journey to their weight-loss goal. By applying the fundamentals of healthy eating and the mind-body-heart support that comes from coaching, you’ll shift your perspective and get the results you want.

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journal with pen
Jun 5 2019

What You Can Control

posted by Nancy Milton in Communication Skills, Living Fundamentals

Thursday May 30th.  The first game of the NBA finals, Toronto Raptors versus Golden State, on home turf.  I was downtown Toronto for the energizing evening and amazing team win.  I also came home without my iPhone…   Yes, everything was backed up with iCloud No, my phone was not found. No lol, the what