Brene Brown continues to call me forth.

I don’t remember who or how I was introduced to Brene Brown.

I love that her work is the number one forwarded email I receive from other people.

“Nancy – you’ll love this video”

“Have you read this book? It’s changed my life.”

“I just watched this video and it made me think of you and the work we had initiated together.”


Brene makes me think.

Her work challenges me to challenge myself.

And her ability to put herself out there to encourage us all to own our life fully, is absolutely WOWie to me.


Here’s a podcast from Being Boss of an interview with Brene. I just listened to it myself and will do a second listen to help soak it in.

An introduction for some of you, a reminder for others and a calling forth for us all :0)


Thankful for you Brene!

Happy Day!

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