Jan 30 2018

Soup Sisters, Broth Brothers

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Last night I got to participate with Soup Sisters.  It’s an organization that invites people to register for an evening of making soup with friends and like-hearted individuals for a small fee. At the end of the evening, you get to enjoy your soup, and the remainder of your huge vat of soup is shared

Aug 15 2017

Practise Daily Gratitude & Forgiveness

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Sounds easy enough: Practise daily gratitude & forgiveness Yet are you consciously doing it?  If yes Ta-DA to you! If no, this blog is for you.   Let’s start with gratitude.  I now practise gratitude in a couple ways (and please use the comment section of this blog to share other ideas with me to

Jun 6 2017

Use Neuroscience to turn things around

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Guessing it’s the line of work I am in – I hear more and more about neuroscience and have it on my “continue to learn more about” list. After reading this article, that was reinforced for me. The article, called Neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happy, caught my interest because I considered

May 8 2017

Stomp out the Elephant in the Room

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I am feeling very fortunate I got sent this video of Sheryl Sandberg being interviewed recently by Ellen DeGeneres. One of the better under 6 minute videos I have ever seen, because we REALLY get to hear from the person getting interviewed.   The reason I am sharing this interview with you:  I learned tips

Apr 25 2017

Talk about Issues before they are Issues

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A good friend taught me to “Talk about issues before they are issues” with my kids.  She said to bring things up early on, and make it open for conversation.  Then when they are actually faced with the situation, it will be familiar territory.   This “pre-talk” might include talking through expectations, prepare them for disappointments,