“Nancy has had a direct impact on our organization in that we now talk about communicating more as an organization and we finally realize how important it is”

I cannot convey how truly appreciative I have been of Nancy’s guidance and influence. Her interactive and engaging style helped me learn not only about my own work personality, but also how to help achieve the best results for my team.

Niall Eivers, P.Eng
Bridge Engineer, Stantec

My leadership skills and confidence have increased ten-fold by working with Nancy. I am a better leader, a better employee, and a better person by having the opportunity to work with her.

Terri Lamb
Project Services Lead, Stantec

I’ve participated in several coaching programs, and as such I had my defenses up and was reserved. After session one Nancy had connected with me and gave me more than any other course has offered, a place where I could truly be myself and bring me. In doing so this has been the most impactful program I have experienced. Nancy, thank you for being you and helping me to be me.

Colin McMichael-Bilodeau,
Investment Advisor at BMO Nesbitt Burns

I have had the pleasure of working with Nancy one on one and in group sessions and highly recommend her to any organization or individual looking to hone in and overcome the obstacles that may be inhibiting their success. Nancy is one of the most intuitive people I have met. Nancy has a no nonsense approach and is willing to call you out when you are being less than your best self. During group sessions you can feel the energy build in a room and see the lights going on as she uses real life examples to bring the lessons home. If you have a chance to work with Nancy jump all over it!

Jason Donkersgoed
DVP, Manulife

Nancy has mastered the ability to deliver against stated learning objectives, while at the same time effectively adapting to the tone and tempo that evolves through the session. Her passion, wisdom, life experience and enthusiasm have allowed her to draw out life values and a commitment to action which has made a great difference for me on the one on one coaching level. I feel privileged to know and work with Nancy.

Patricia Quance
Global HR Business Partner
Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Nancy was my facilitator as part of a leadership course that will forever change my life. Her coaching skills are fantastic - she understands who you are as a person and works with you to bring your true self forward every day. Nancy is friendly, enthusiastic, energetic, and everything you need as part of a coach.

Christine Spreitzer, P.Eng.
Mechanical Engineer, Stantec

Since our first session, I have seen a dramatic difference in the way people connect with me. Nancy has shown me the importance of taking the time to understand what someone wants to get out of a conversation and a new found confidence in myself.

Zach Rosen
Tour Consultant, EF

I asked her to coach me and my client for presentation skills before a world conference presentation and also I invited her to do a workshop in women leaders in our office. Both were great.

Gelare Danaie
Designer/Manager, Stantec

Nancy is an amazing facilitator and leadership coach. Nancy brought the (session) information to life and challenged me to really think about what I've learned and to take the time to reflect on situations. Thank-you Nancy for being you and bringing the best out of me.

Lyna Jones
HR Manager, Westmount Golf & Country Club

Nancy’s influence has had a pronounced impact on both my professional and personal development and I strongly recommend Nancy to anyone who is looking to advance their non-technical side of their careers.

Niall Eivers, P.Eng
Bridge Engineer, Stantec

Nancy’s ability to read a room and know how to connect with people is remarkable and inspiring. She is fully committed to coaching people and helping them find the best and shiniest version of themselves possible.

Terri Lamb
Project Services Lead, Stantec

Nancy has had a direct impact on our organization in that we now talk about communicating more as an organization and we finally realize how important it is

Julia Munro
Senior Brand Manager, Moosehead Breweries

Nancy facilitated our Emerging Leaders Program. There is no one that can match Nancy’s ability to develop a comfortable and trusting setting between 25 strangers in such a short amount of time.

David Williams
Surface Water Engineer, Stantec

Nancy is energetic, talented and compassionate.

Gelare Danaie
Designer/Manager, Stantec

Our participants absolutely adore Nancy. They have described her style as very focused with a high level of emotion, vulnerability, and connection. Some have described it as life changing.

Christine LeLacheur
Cheurfire Coaching

Thank you for being a great facilitator and making it one of the best training sessions I have attended so far! This training has added so much value to my personal and professional life!

Bansi Maneyapanda
Manager, CIBC Mobile Sales Force

Thank you Nancy for changing my life and the way I will communicate with people going forward!

Sheliza Jadavji
Area Sales Manager, CIBC Mortgage Advisor Channel

Our Senior Leadership Team brought Nancy in to work with people managers and ultimately make them better at communicating, leading, having tough conversations, and providing feedback. Nancy can really dig into a situation and get to the root of the issue very quickly. She knows how to challenge her clients and knows how to keep them accountable so that they can take their careers and life goals to the next level.

Julia Munro
Senior Brand Manager, Moosehead Breweries

She has the art of opening up people and connecting them. Our organization culture suffers from people not being themselves in work environment and she made a big change in our leadership training!

Gelare Danaie
Designer/Manager, Stantec

Nancy helped me become more aware of my strengths and how to better use them to not only my advantage but also to my company's. An example is how after the courses, I went to get my PMP certification to further strengthen my Project Management skills in order to help my company and help myself further my career within and I passed. In fact, a promotion will be in effect in the coming days! She also made me feel more at ease at understanding my weaknesses and making me realize that it’s OK to have these weaknesses and how its up to me on when I want to tackle them. As an outgoing person, I have a fear of public speaking. I can do it, but with great difficulty. She helped me realize why I have this fear, how to work on it and that it is not something that you overcome within a few days, but within many many trials and practices. I have already implemented some of her techniques and did a speech in front of 300 people...It was a total success. Still felt a little nervous, but with time this will go away.

Emile Aghaby
Team Leader, Stantec

Nancy has had a direct impact on our organization in that we now talk about communicating more as an organization and we finally realize how important it is. She has helped all leaders improve on how they provide feedback to others so that it isn't a negative thing but instead delivered in a way that inspires those to be the best that they can be. In terms of me personally, she has helped me with a lot of different elements in my career including how to have tough conversations, how to ask for what you deserve, balancing work and life so that I can achieve my personal goals along with my career goals, and most importantly being better leader which has helped me manage my workload better and get out of the weeds so that I can focus on the bigger picture which will ultimately get me to where I want to be in my career.

Julia Munro
Senior Brand Manager, Moosehead Breweries

There are countless ways Nancy has impacted my life, and for this I am forever grateful. It's so hard to put into text what she has meant to me. She connected with our group immediately and helped us develop a sense of comfort and trust between 25 strangers instantaneously. Through the Stantec Emerging Leaders program, I now have a network of 25 friends within the company. Nancy has the ability to know how to push someone outside of their comfort zone just far enough so they can expand on that push and begin to realize their potential. She helped me realize I need to take care of myself, and not worry about trying to be the person others may want me to be. Nancy will hold you accountable!

David Williams
Surface Water Engineer, Stantec

Nancy was amazing to have as a facilitator. I have attended numerous trainings and I would say that Nancy commanded the room more than any facilitator that I have witnessed. You can tell that she truly cares about the people she is training. She makes the training a safe environment where you can share your struggles and ask questions. Nancy is knowledgeable and is able to read her group in order to maximize the training. I would recommend Nancy for any of your training needs – it would be well worth it!

Tracy Phaneuf
Area Sales Manager, CIBC Mortgage Advisor Channel

Attending a training session led by Nancy was truly a life changing experience for me. We don’t often say this after attending training sessions. Nancy is gifted in how she teaches and engages participants. Her coaching style is nothing short of true life skills that are applied far beyond the normal needs of the business. This session has made a significant difference for me starting from implementing the great values taught by Nancy at home and carrying them through to my role as a leader within CIBC. If ever given an opportunity to be part of Nancy's session again, I would be there in a heartbeat.

Gurpreet Deol Area Sales Manager Mobile Mortgage Advisor Channel, CIBC

Nancy exhibits bravery in her transparency, which inspired me to almost instantly open up and share my concerns and areas I wished to improve. Nancy helped me learn things about myself I wasn't aware of, which is one of the highest compliments I can pay to a coach.

James Richmond
AVP, Broker Sales & Support, Affinity Markets

Nancy came highly recommended for business coaching when we first spoke. We had a 30min introductory call, and in that phone call I received more value in terms of paradigm shifts than I had in many years. This may sound exaggerated, but as a direct result of our call I found myself taking steps to create a business (acquiring amazing accounts in a short period of time) within days, and understanding better how to fuel myself for the long run. During that call, when she was talking she was asking questions most of the time. The difference was the quality of questions - Level 10/10 questions. And in a world with a lot of information overload, this sort of attention and experience is hard to come by. Our formal coaching sessions afterwards continued to be just as powerful and informative. For anybody interested in hiring her as a coach, or to facilitate a workshop or be a keynote speaker, I am more than happy to recommend her without question.

Frederic Limon
Account Manager at Treefrog Inc.

I had the pleasure of attending a sales training course than Nancy facilitated for a group of CIBC MA's. As soon as the course was underway everyone in the room was overly impressed with Nancy's positive attitude, enthusiasm and passion she brought to her course. As a seasoned sales professional I have sat through dozens of sales courses. I am proud to say that Nancy was able to take this basic sales training to a whole new level and was by far the best sales course I have attended. It was Nancy's passion and enthusiasm that made all the difference. I would highly recommend Nancy to any organization that is looking for great group sales training or individual coaching. Once you have a chance to meet Nancy you will understand why so many people hold her in such a high regard.

Lance Simonin,
Project Manager, Cutting Edge Landscaping

I have worked with Nancy both as an Internal Communications Facilitator for my team as well as a personal executive coach. Nancy is a true expert in working with teams who have a wide variety of experience and background. She customizes her work to fit the needs of the group and is attentive and energetic in her sessions. She is approachable and easy to open up to. She worked with our team to create stronger internal communication and provided great theory as well as guidelines to use on a daily basis. Very practical. I have also worked with Nancy as my personal / professional coach and again found her very easy to speak with and her approach is customized, she's a strong listener and a true expert in her space.

Kelly Power
Experiential Brand Marketing Expert

Nancy brings a unique energy to our coaching sessions that is simply amazing. She is able to met me wherever I am and tailor her approach to my specific needs in any given situation. When I need a patient and compassionate leader she is able to gently guide me to where I need to be. When I need a fierce, powerful coach, she steps into that role with ease. Nancy brings a lot of fun and creativity to our sessions. I would recommend Nancy for anyone wanting to make great things happen in their lives.

Crista Brooks,
Director, BMO Private Banking